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We assure the sale on order of every type of materiel computing, PC or MAC, assembly of your PC or purchase of leading material.

We also sell every types of present ring peripherals on the market, the network card, the video card, the sound, the router, printer, scanner, etc. …

We benefit from preferential rates what allows us to offer to our clientele of the attractive prices.We also assure the after-sales service of our configurations.

We work upstream with our customers to define at best their needs to find the best adapted material.


If your computer no longer starts or does not grant you access to your data, we offer you a top level data recovery in our workshop. We scan and save your data. If your hard drive is seriously damanged we offer andvanced data recovery with our partner Digital Memory to restore your data. Price upon estimate.


Installation of software at home (Word processor, software photos, antivirus, parental control): we advise you on the purchase of software then install and configure your software on your computer.hink you that your Word files, Excel and especially your photos are safe on your computer? We propose you solutions of saving adapted to your needs to put in security your data.


IT installation of materials (additional Hard disk, additional random access memory, Reader / engraver DVD, BlueRay, Printer, Webcam, Scanner): we propose you of materials at the best price and we install the new material.